Below are comments collected by an attendee survey from Jay's recent speaking engagements.

TITLE: Nobody Told Me the Job Description of the Boss

Presented: Monday, July 15
Location: Chicago (Intercontinental O'Hare)

"Outstanding! Real stuff, very entertaining."

"Very good, I appreciated the candor and honesty."

"I enjoyed Jay's presentation from the owner's view vs. corporate."


"Awesome, and I appreciate the brutal honesty!"

"Very engaging, candid, spot-on messages"

"Great content, well-spoken, direct, to the point and energetic"

"Enjoyed — nice that he didn't use a presentation, but captured audience."

"Home run for this group - very good!"


"Very realistic examples, good stuff!"

"Excellent! Enjoyed this presentation and probably the most useful, from my perspective, of the day."

"Outstanding, the best presentation of the day!"

"Kicked us in the butt for what we should be doing and at times are not. Excellent knowledge."