As a business speaker who actually runs a business, Jay has the ability to both engage and inspire his audiences.

His speeches give solid real life business examples, lots of insights, and plenty of take-home value. From self-employed individuals up to Fortune 500 managers, anyone in business will benefit from his refreshing approach. Whether you need a keynote speaker or workshop leader, Jay's specializes in customizing memorable speeches to fit your meeting goals.

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Business is simple, but not easy. The right insights make it easier
— Jay Goltz


Select Speech Topics

The Power of Being a Little Bit Better – Execution over Brilliance

Jay illustrates how being a little better than the competition will have a profound impact over the long haul.   

  • How to hire and when to un-hire
  • Setting standards and control systems
  • Training that makes a difference


Using Left Brain Strategies to Succeed in the Right Brain Business World – Misconceptions and Missed Opportunities

A frank discussion on the challenges of running a business in a creative field where you work with people that have more of a creative mindset than a business background.

  •         It’s not about compromise, it’s about collaboration
  •         Great passion doesn’t make up for bad math
  •         Determining the appropriate goals for marketing efforts


Customer Service as a Competitive Weapon - Is the Customer Always Right?

Jay reveals how using conventional training and worn-out clichés will result in mediocre customer service at best.

  • Why it makes sense to lose money on some sales
  • Turning upset customers into brand evangelists 
  • When training doesn't work


Doing Business in the New World – From Defense to Offense

Staying ahead requires companies to reevaluate their business and need to leverage new technology.

  • Budgeting for new technology and new people
  • Increasing sales by strategically redeploying resources 
  • Recognizing and reacting to changes in your business ecosystem



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